About – Abhay K Patidar

Digital marketing professional with 5+ years of rich and diverse experience in logo design, brand identification, and digital strategy.

I am founder of one of fastest growing branding agencies, Over the past half decade, I have led design remotely for some of the world’s leading agencies and biggest of brands like Swop, Opensea, Octafx, Optin Reuters, Uppity, Waspito, Zillionaire and more.

While having experience working with the big companies, I regularly work with individuals and small firms to help realise their unique vision. I believe every person deserves the best you have to offer and I always look forward to a challenge!

I deliver exciting and thought-provoking work for world-class clients. I am passionate about developing fresh ideas, strong visual compelling content, that engage communication.

I am constantly inspired by the evolution of technology; its influence on human behaviour and the resulting impact on environments and microcultures: societal and business.

Currently open to bring your ideas to life, feel free to get in touch.

Email : [email protected]

Twitter : https://twitter.com/abhaykpatidar

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/abhaykpatidar

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/abhaykpatidar



Logo specialist & Brand designer. Redesigning global brands through strategic design

Abhay K Patidar is a highly skilled and experienced design director with a proven track record of success in the branding industry. As the founder and design director of Famebro Creative Studio, Abhay has built a reputation for delivering exceptional branding solutions to a diverse range of clients, both big and small.

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