logo concept for Advertising Agency ‘Printad Advertising Network’
Printad is a holding of integral advertising and corporate communication services, focusing its work on creativity, the use of new communication technologies and Advertising industry.
As an integrated digital agency, it has 5 business units, each one focused on a specific aspect of communication, format and content. These units work simultaneously while maintaining the strategic guidelines provided by the creative area.
For the proposal of its Brand Identity, a visual system was developed that is complemented by a brand architecture. The “P” of Printad is a representation of a Network that comes together and gives shape to the agency.
While designing the logo of printed advertising media, we faced many problems in which we had to make such a design that it looks like it is an advertising agency.
First of all we took a ‘P’ symbol and mixed ‘Network’ symbols and word ‘A’ symbols in that symbol and made such a design that it will be seen that it is an advertising agency and with similar effort our final format came out.