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Famebro Media is a Creative Branding & Design Agency in San Francisco

We are a India based creative agency established in 2019 and enjoy working with clients in a variety of industries. Our simple aim is to help grow your business through creative solutions that increase your sales.
Famebro Media is a A Web Development & Graphic Designing Agency with more than 4 years of experience. Our mission is to amplify diverse voices that are solving local problems and empowering our community, by providing high quality digital communications for small to medium businesses. We are a Web Development & Graphic Designing Agency that specializes in packages for Brand Awareness, Identity, Rebranding, and Brand Recognition, using a custom combination of the following services; tailored to our clients specific needs. This includes but is not limited to: The Plan – Strategy: Market Research, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Analytics, Digital Campaigns The Proof – Photography: Lifestyle/Conceptual, Team Portraits, Architecture, Real Estate, Product Photography, Aerial Videography The Style – Design: Brand Identity, Product Packaging, Logos, Infographics, Print Materials, Web Development Our creative style celebrates balance, minimalism, and nature. We partner with brands that share our passion for community involvement, global issues, education, and sustainability. So far we have created strategies for over 13 industries; including Non-Profits and Wellness Studios. Trusted by over 60+ initial brands Currently we are Active in over 35 countries. Our priorities is Meeting the deadlines and client satisfaction. we are highly skilled in the following fields: – Logo Design – Banner Design – Poster Design – Letterheads – Flyer Design – Packaging Design – Business Card Design – Brochure Design – Envelope Design – Concept Design – Motion Graphics – Logo Animation – Website designing Feel free to contact me anytime
Industries Design
Company size1-10 employees
Headquarters Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Type Sole  Proprietorship
Specialties Digital media, Graphics, Logo, Illustration, Motion Graphics, and Graphics

Small Business Websites Design

Small Business Website Design

Your business’ website is, or should be, one of your company’s biggest assets. It’s how people find your services, it’s where they learn about what those services are, and it’s often where they make a purchase.

A website serves different businesses and their customers in different ways. The one thing that is guaranteed, though, is if it isn’t designed to be navigable, informative, and aesthetic, then it’s losing you business.

A lot of emphasis is put into the SEO and findability of company websites, and rightly so. One thing that often isn’t acknowledged is, ‘what’s the point if it only leads to a poorly designed website?’

This blog will go into the ‘do’s & don’ts’ for SMEs and their company websites, whilst giving out some handy tips along the way.

Cutting costs means cutting quality

There are so many options to consider when it comes to having your new business website built, and with a wide range of offerings there comes a wide price range.

All too often we have businesses, big and small, come to us looking to rectify an underperforming website. The vast majority of the time, this is the result of the business owner understandably looking to keep costs low by going with a free or budget web build. With a website, you really do get what you pay for.


This isn’t to say that free website options are useless, but they’re certainly limited in what they can offer your company from a UX and even SEO point of view. Going with a team of trusted professional web designers doesn’t mean breaking the bank, but what it does mean is you’ll get what you want and need from the website.

This is a topic that we could write all day about. Instead, we’ve detailed a short list of why it’s best to avoid budget web builds if you’re looking to gain anything meaningful from your online presence.

  • Free or budget builds are limited. Content is often constrained to rigid formats and hard to edit backend editors.
  • Search engines prefer websites hosted by platforms such as WordPress from an SEO standpoint. Cheap or free builders often don’t allow you to be as hands-on when it comes to SEO.
  • Opting for a cheap freelance build is risky. What happens if the freelancer decides on a career change – is your website just left to deteriorate over time?
  • Having your website in a builder such as WordPress means it’s easier to backup and protect from hacks and downtime from a hosting point of view.

The list goes on. We understand as well as anyone that marketing your business can be costly and individual circumstances vary, but we’d always suggest talking to a web design team to discuss your ideas before making any final decisions. Going with a cheap design first will likely cost you even more money rectifying it in the long run, so it’s important to get it right the first time around.

If you would like to learn more about what to expect when setting up your business’ website, click here. We offer FREE, no-obligation web design consultations to help you get the ball rolling, as well as providing you with your tailored quote.

We currently offer professional, bespoke, and templated design options, as well as varying payment plans to suit you. Find out more by requesting your web design meeting here, or call our friendly team on +91 74707 36192